propertyAllier, Puy-de-Dôme, Creuse

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house, Rougnat, Creuse


EUR 29.950 (incl. agency fees)
For sale in the Creuse a house to renovate, located in a beautiful hamlet. Description: On the...

detached house, Montel-de-Gelat, Puy-de-Dôme


EUR 99.900 (incl. agency fees)
For sale in the Auvergne a completely renovated village house with cellar and garden. Layout: On...

detached house, Saint-Pardoux-les-Cards, Creuse


EUR 189.000 (incl. agency fees)
For sale completely renovated stone house with barn, studio and 5500m² of land. Description: This...

detached house, Issoudun-Létrieix, Creuse


EUR 125.725 (incl. agency fees)
For sale, a beautiful house with annexe, walled garden and beautiful views. Layout: on the ground...

detached house, Magnat-l'Étrange, Creuse


EUR 205.000 (incl. agency fees)
Beautiful, nature stone, house , ready to move in, for sale. Large garden in beautiful...

detached house, Mainsat, Creuse


EUR 129.500 (incl. agency fees)
For sale a stone house (old water mill) with terrace, garden and lake view. Layout: On the ground...

detached house, Le Compas, Creuse

Le Compas

EUR 65.000 (incl. agency fees)
For sale an immediately habitable house build on a basement with a garage and spacious garden...

detached house, Queuille, Puy-de-Dôme


EUR 98.500 (incl. agency fees)
For sale a whole of 2 houses with beautiful terrain and beautifully situated in the valley of the...

villa, Servant, Puy-de-Dôme


EUR 189.000 (incl. agency fees)
Lovely house with a lot of caracter, garage, nice garden (4900m²), overlooking the river.This very...

detached house, Basville, Creuse


EUR 169.600 (incl. agency fees)
For sale an immediately habitable, stone house with a garage, barn and grounds. Layout: On the...

detached house, Saint-Médard-la-Rochette, Creuse


EUR 163.000 (incl. agency fees)
Lovely, renovated house overlooking the river Creuse A lovely, renovated nature stone house...

detached house, Marcillat-en-Combraille, Allier


EUR 121.900 (incl. agency fees)
For sale a lovely house with barn and beautiful garden (1160m²) For sale a beautiful, immediately...